Welcome to the Official Homepage for DreamSpec a spectrum emulator, and DC64 a Commodore 64 emulator.
If you have any questions or would like to help in anyway please feel free to email me.



DC64 - April 18 , 2003 by Bigboy

Okay, I've run out of time, My machine is shagged, and I need to format it... This spells disaster for DC64.
So... I've released what's done... and even that is fairly crap - oh well, better than nothing I guess... but only just. Once my machine is reinstalled, I wont be reinstalling the dreamcast devkit..*sniff* of well.. its been fun.

So, if your so inclined, head over to the downloads and grab the new DC64, before I decide its too crap and remove it... Be warned, some nasty bugs still remain, but.... Use both triggers to return to the menu (usually - doesn't always work). and Start should get you past 90% of trainers.

Hope someone enjoys it.... sorry folks.


DC64 - March 14, 2003 by Bigboy

I've been making some progress with DC64, mostly removing old or unused code. Its sped up and down lots, but is currently stable in terms of speed. I have removed some features to keep the speed up, and this has led to some games being less than compatable, if things speed up again, these can be added back in, but for now, we'll just have to live with it. The rendering is now as fast as its ever likely to get, and is fairly complete with HIRES, MCM, ECM, and Bitmap modes all being there. I still have a little work to do, but I hope to get a version out soon.

I'll keep you all posted

News - February 24, 2003 by Bigboy

Okay, I promised some news....Well, as promised...(long ago... in a land, far far away...etc.)....I've started up DC64 on the Dreamcast again. I've added a front end and can load in games from disk. No .TXT file needed here! (one up on the PS2!!!). Keyboard support is also there (another on over the PS2 version) and will be needed for many games no doubt.

There is still some work to do, so no release dates yet, and its not quite as compatable as the PS2 version, mainly due to optimisations required to run the thing fast enough. However, many are due to bugs that have been introduced, and will be fixed.

I've been playing delta, Commando and Uridium again, and its all great fun. Speed wise, its using 1 frameskip, (draw a frame, skip a frame), but it looks fine, and game play is full speed, which is important.

I'll try to update with some pictures and news as I go, but remember there will be no sound - sorry. If anyone really wants to do a C64 emulator justice on this machine, they need to write one in ASM really... The CPU cache kills this, so writing in 16K pages in ASM is the way to get raw speed. Needless to same, Im not going to!

I promised to release "something" for otheres to use and play with, and I will.... so, rather than whinge, please just enjoy it when it comes. if however, anyone wants to do a real one, I'll chear along with everyone else!

Stay tuned.


News - February 21, 2003 by Bigboy

Been a couple of months since my last update.... I've really been too busy at work to do much, but I hope to have some good news in a few days.


XBOX DC64 demo!! - December 03, 2002 by Bigboy

Well, Just like DreamSpec I've ported DC64 to openXDK... so its just waiting on input and sound... you can get the XBE demo running Uridium from the downloads page... Enjoy!


OpenXDK demo!! - December 03, 2002 by Bigboy

ector has given us a little demo of his new 2D library, and very neat it is too... You can see a picture in the screen shots area, and if you want the XBE its available in the downloads area. This was done by him coding, and me running it and telling him what was wrong.... pretty good really


Stupid mistake!! - December 01, 2002 by Bigboy

I dont know what to say! In my DC64 emulator, I gave credit to the fantasic colout palette work to a certain Robert 'Bob' Yannes, and this was wrong. "Philip 'pepto' Timmermann" is the actual author, but he had a mail from 'Bob Yannes' at the bottom of his page, who was in fact the designer of the VIC chip...(I think...). Anyway, Im very very VERY sorry to Philip... His work is great, and I wanted to give credit where it was due... and failed miserably.


XBOX-DreamSpec!! - November 24, 2002 by Bigboy

I know, I know... but I couldnt resist.... I have ported DreamSpec over to the OpenXDK in under an hour, which shows either that the OpenSDK is very simple to use, or that my code is great... yeah...I dont beleive that either. So, you can now watch Manic Miner running, and awaiting input and audio. Still, its VERY quick, and its still doing a full screen clear, and 2 screen copies.... what a machine! So, go get it from the Downloads section, and enjoy!


OpenXDK news!! - November 24, 2002 by Bigboy

Caustik and I have been busy working away on the first release of OpenXDK. It has basic libc support, some VGA (screen) access and a nice sample (or framework) to get you going... Caustik is now busy trying to add USB support, which will make the OpenXDK really usable, while I start trying to add file support. So, head on over to the project home page and get it. Special thanks to SNK, Everlame, Hartec, SiliconIce.


XBOX news!! - November 17, 2002 by Bigboy

Well, Caustik has done the impossible...well, the improbable at anyrate..... he's done a full free SDK for XBOX (not..not XDK). How? By making a .EXE to XBE convertor... now, you can use VisualC++ and legally develop on the XBOX.

This is FAB news... and to celabrate... Ive started a framework (like the PS2 one).... theres a work in progress over at Caustik's site. So enjoy for now, and look out for a full source release to the framework soon!!

Untill we get some USB libs for controllers, porting emulators over is a bit pointless.... but its coming!!!


Dreamcast DC64 - November 6, 2002 by Bigboy

Been a little while since last update...

I've been busy porting PS2-DC64 backover to the dreamcast, and speeding it up.. It currently runs in 3 modes, no frameskip (33fps) 1 frameskip, 50fps, and "scanline" mode, around 50fps...

Im not sure if it'll get anyfaster without serious work, and its playable as it is... So, I'll start adding the front end soon, and get a release done in the next few weeks..... Keyboard is working, and I just need to add joystick support. I must say, I'll be glad to get back to the PS2, SH4 sucks, as does this damn machine.. Everytime I improve something, its code "shifts" and it all slows down again.... Oh well... At least it'll be in a usable state for you guys.. More later.


.plan update - October 20, 2002 by Bigboy

Okay, before I get any MORE mail on this... My current plans (in no order) are

Port PS2-DC64 back to the Dreamcast
Add D64 support to DC64.
Add Keyboard support to the PS2 version of DreamSpec and DC64
Add Auto scanning of directorys to get rid of .TXT files on the PS2
Add Spectrum 128 support (Its actually done, but theres no way to load games just yet)
Add .Z80 support to DreamSpec
Add multiple joypads to the PS2 for multiplayer C64 games (Barbarian, Blood Money etc.)
Add game state saving to PS2 on DreamSpec and DC64.
Perhaps add Spectrum128 sound support on PS2 version of DreamSpec
Fix bugs in DC64 and DreamSpec.
Increase compatability for DreamSpec and DC64.
Start looking at new emulators for PS2....perhaps TG16, C=Plus/4, Amiga, or another...

So, please dont email asking about why isnt this in, or when is that going in, or are you going to do this.
Also, you must have a MOD'd PS2 to play these emulators, they wont work in Linux, and I wont support "swap-methods" since I cant test them. It is possible to boot these using a swap system, but you'll have to do it yourself.


Dreamcast DC64 - October 19, 2002 by Bigboy

Well, I admited defeat, and did my first bit of SH4 today...... BIG BIG thanks to crt2k and Sayten on #dcdev for the beginners question time, helped loads guys, thanks!... I have now ported PS2-DC64 back to the Dreamcast, and as I thought....slow as hell. So, Ive added a frameskip, and its "okay"... not nearly as nice as the PS2 one, but playable... and as fully featured as the PS2 one... infact, I fixed a bug from the PS2 version

I have also discovered that the crap Dreamcast cache, can be set so it can have an 8K scratchpad, this is BIG news to me, since it makes it more like the playstation 1..(almost)... This means although its crap, I can control a lot of the really slow access, and place it inside VERY fast memory... this should help.

There will of course be no soumd... Sound MUST be full speed, or it doesnt work.

So, Im currently watching Uridium play, and its "okay"... not as smooth as the last version I did for the Dreamcast, but it has Sprite2Sprite collisions, and Sprite2Background priorities, and will play a lot more games.

I am going to need help however.... To get the Frontend and DISK stuff working, I need to be able to make an IP BOOT disk, with games and logos on it. I did this for DreamSpec, and I really need it for this too. However, Nero won't let me do it anymore.... so I need some kind soul to do it for me... So, if you know what your doing when making disks, please get in touch...


PS2 DC64 - October 16, 2002 by Bigboy

Tick, tock.....tick,tock....tick,tock...........BING!!!

Well, here we go!!! Version1.0 is now ready!! I hope you enjoy it, and get many hours entertainment from it.
This is the current feature list:-

2) FULL SOUND emulation
3) Multi-Format support
4) Fantastic colouring
5) many Vic effects supported
6) Skinable frontend

Go get it from the downloads section, and ENJOY!!!



PS2 DC64 - October 15, 2002 by Bigboy

Antiriad is now playable after adding sprite2sprite interrupts. NMI's are more stable, some versions of IK+ now work, as do some versions of IO. Many games need the joystick in the other port (typical), so I'll need to add something for that soon (Spyhunter and Outrun for example..) 1942 plays, but the screen is totaly black!! Who knows.... I'll need to get it ported to the PC so I can debug these.....later... Nebulus is now playble, and I forgot how totaly cool that game looks... in the days of big 3D titles... you have to remember just how fab this one is for a C64.

I've Fixed NMI's, so games like Morpheus and Ballistix now run.

I've also fixed a bug in the sound emulation, Wizball now sounds cool, as do many others. I was restating samples when pitch changed... which cant be good..

1 Day and counting....


PS2 DC64 - October 14, 2002 by Bigboy

Commando, Trashman and Spy hunter are now playable, thanks to a better input system. Although these games ran, they weren't playable before as they couldn't detect input. I've added some more screenshots as well.... enjoy!

2 Days and counting....


PS2 DC64 - October 13, 2002 by Bigboy

Okay... I know.... sorry... Not quite the "week or so" we were all aiming for.... you can blame EA for this... Them and the FAB BattleField: 1942, Ive been playing it...err...a lot... :)

Anyway, Im almost done. The new logo is on display above, and the new frontend is in the screenshots section.
I can currently load T64, PRG and P00 files. Only single load T64 files are allowed just now. If you get stuck trying to get a game into one of these, then get an emulator, and load in an action replay, and snapshot it!!

There are still a few bugs, and I have no idea on how compatable it is.... still, it'll let you have a play. Ive yet to add the TXT files (since theres no USB keyboard support just yet), so I'll try and add that soon.

Also....Uridium is working again

So..... all going well.... 3 days and counting!!.....Tick...Tock....


PS2 DC64 - September 10, 2002 by Bigboy

Okay... Ive been running out of time on this.... again... so I've started to add a front end in the hopes of doing a release very soon. Many games work, but many dont... there is NO disk emulation, and only PRG,P00 and T64 single files are available. Uridium has broken for some stupid reason... :-( but games like Sanxion, and Delta play great, although delta has glitches. So, the front end will look like PS2-DreamSpec (well...exactly like it :-) ... and there will be some problems. But with luck, in a week or ""so"", I'll be releasing a usable beta.


PS2 DC64 - August 9, 2002 by Bigboy

I have increased the border area to allow for more sprites in the border. Delta ingame score is now visible. Theres a new picture inthe screen shows section showing the change...


PS2 DC64 - August 5, 2002 by Bigboy

I have just added SID sound emulation... and while not on par with the re-sid library (which I couldn't use as it's in C++), its fairly good... Screen bugs and displays are improving all the time, and older games should be fine. Newer ones like Delta, Sanxion still have glitches (and probably will have for some time!) but are very playable....

I have also uploaded a new version of my snapshot code, this allows for funny screen width's that aren't a multiple of 4 pixels. For example, PS2-DC64 has a width of 366... this wasn't working... it is now... grab the new source if you need it...

I have also uploaded some new pictures using a new palette to show current progress.... Enjoy!

Also Thanks to all those that emailed in support for the "in product advertising"... believe it or not... not one single person has complained about it!! As long is it at acceptable levels, no one seems to mind! This is great news!


In product advertising - August 2, 2002 by Bigboy

I got an interesting e-mail from www.ps2ownz.com, who told me one of their sponsors wanted to pay to have an advert placed in the upcoming PS2-DC64. While I have already placed a free ad in it, I found it an interesting idea for those that struggle and are always looking for funds to help out. When Sjeeps monitor died, he had to turn to the general public to help... this could be an answer. Many emulator authors struggle with old equipment, or like Sjeep stuff that could die anysecond.. I do hope this continues, and while I dont want to see American style adverts ever 5 min. of play, a few in credits, or intro screens could be just what the scene needs... After all...Id rather see the author get something rather than the pirates that then sell his "free" work for £10 a pop!


DC64 - August 1, 2002 by Bigboy

Thanks to James Welch for infoming me of a minor blunder.... I never did get round to uploading the ISO of DC64 Beta 4 (the one that plays uridium). So you can now find it in the downloads area. I cant remember who made this image for me, but thanks whoever it was!


PS2 DC64 - July 28, 2002 by Bigboy

I've uploaded some pictures rom my work in progress on DC64. I've added sprite to background priorities, sprite to background collision (untested - anyone know a game that uses it?),sprites in the lower border, and "Y" scrolling. As you can see from the screen shots, theres still some work to go, but many games now work and are playable.


PS2 DC64 - July 27, 2002 by Bigboy

I've just ported my C=64 emulator DC64 over to the PS2, with no optimisations, its running easily at full speed. I have also rewritten the sprite handler, so it now does full pixel perfect sprite 2 sprite collisions. Sanxion is now playable!. I did start porting the "ComeBack64" emulator... but on inspection, it wasn't that far on from mine! And I understand mine, and it seems a little quicker. So DC64 lives on a little longer. I'll also try and rake out some SID chip emulation before I release a version... Its looking cool though!!

I'll keep you updated on my progress.....


PS2frame - July 12, 2002 by Bigboy

I have just uploaded a new version of the PS2FRAME project to sourceforge. It fixes a few problems, and adds sjeeps audio. I have also added debug text, and the screen grab functions. Anyways, get it from the usual place:- http://sourceforge.net/projects/ps2frame/ . If there are any requests for things to add, or any fixes needed, please let me know.


PS2-DreamSpec News - June 23, 2002 by Bigboy

Well, I recieved a mail yesterday from melisa x!! Complete with..... a PS2 DVD cover! And very cool it is too!! You can find it in the downloads section, and it'll spruce up your DVD box no end! Thanks very much to the one and only melisa x!!

DreamSpec News - June 13, 2002 by Bigboy

A big thanks to METAFOX over at ConsoleVision for making me a bootable disk. You can now find the new packaged dreamspec in the downloads area. Both DiskJuggler, and Nero images are available. I've tested the Nero one, but not DJ (I'd assume it works...). So, now again, burn and play! Thanks guys!

PS. I like the new IP.BIN file :)


DreamSpec update - June 11, 2002 by Bigboy

This will probably be the last major update to the Dreamcast version of DreamSpec. While I know there are some that like, and use it, most dont care or play it. The voting and comments lately show this better than I could have. DreamSpec (or any other Spectrum Emu) hasn't been mentioned in ages... so to finish it off as it were, I've added sound. Its not perfect, but its fairly good. I've also added the BRIGHT mode I added on the PS2. This makes the games look correct.

Im also having a problem making Dreamcast disks. Nero now refuses to burn over the audio track. This is a major pain, and has stopped me making my usual burn and play disk. So, I've uploaded the 1ST_READ.BIN in a ZIP file for anyine that wants to make a bootable disk. If someone could make my disk up again, so I can post it, I'd be greatful. Since I can't boot this, its untested, it should be scrambled already, so good luck! head on over to the Downloads to pick it up - if someone could also verify it working, that'd be great too.

Remember to include the LOGO's directory from my other disks.

I'll probably also me making a final update to DC64 for the DreamCast as well... Although its not very complete, it plays some games, so I'll try and make it a bit more "usable"


PS2-DreamSpec SWAP trick update - May 16, 2002 by Bigboy

I've uploaded a test BIN/CUE file for CDRWIN. This was made by Guichi and may help with Swap-Trick loaders. Please treat this as a "test", and please let me know if it works/doesn't work on your system. If it doesn't work, what happens etc. Guichi is using a cool peice of software, that he's about to release to build this, so the more info we have the better. Please send comments either by email, or in the www.ps2-emulation.com forums. With any luck, this will help those with Swap-Trick problems, Thanks go to Guichi for this release and his help. Find the release in the downloads section.



PS2-DreamSpec - May 15, 2002 by Bigboy

I've had quite a few questions on how to use DreamSpec for the PS2, so.....

PS2-DreamSpec requires a PS2 MOD chip. These come in many flavours, but the main methods are SWAP trick and Direct Boot. I use a Direct Boot method, its by far the easiest to use, but much harder to fit. In fact, if you dont know your way around with a soldering iron, get a pro to do it - I did.

The other method, the swap trick, is much simpler to fit, and theres even a MOD that doesn't require soldering.. but the all require you to open your PS2. The Swap trick is done by using the MOD+Action replat (of some kind.. Action Replay, Game shark etc.), you boot up with the Action replay, then swap in the emulator. I have not used this so I have no more information on the in's and out's.

You can find mod-chip's and a whole heap of other cool stuff at sites like LIKSANG

If you have any further questions, then try the forums at places like ps2-emulation, or ConsoleVision or you can email me.



SnapShot code released - May 12, 2002 by Bigboy

I've decided to release my snapshot code, it allows much "nicer" images to be grabbed. Since most emulation on the PS2 is via a palette texture, this should be very easy to use. It makes a DIB section BMP file that can be loaded into PSP and then saved as a GIF or something. Hope someone else finds it of use. You can find it in the Downloads section. NAPLINK is required :-)


PS2-DreamSpec Version 1.0 is out!!! - May 11, 2002 by Bigboy

Its done and dusted! (as they say), Version 1.0 is now out, and ready for download. Heres whats in it:-

  1. Over 180 games, ready made and most are playable.
  2. New Skinable Front End
  3. Full sound
  4. Full PAL/NTSC
  5. Full framerate
  6. Full Fun! (yeah....okay...I'll stop. )

Anyway, if you want it... its in the downloads area... go get it!
Again, I have no idea if it'll work with the SWAP method.

I've also managed to grab some new screens shots thanks to NAPLINK, you can view them in the screen shots section, it includes the new title screen.


PS2-DreamSpec news !! - May 8, 2002 by Bigboy

Well, I'm almost ready to release the new version, and its looking cool! I've added screen BRIGHT, which I can't beleive I never had in! Manic Minor (and all the other games) now look correct. And the best news is, SOUND IS IN! Thanks to Sjeep's fantastic sound module that the world and his dog is using, it was an easy addition. So Im busy redoing the GUI to something nicer, and I'll post an update soon. The cdrwin image will come with 187 games pre-loaded, just like the DreamCast version.

Once this has been updated, I'll be updating the PS2FRAME to use the latest features. I'm also starting to think about my next project, although I'll port my DC64 a commodore 64 emulator. It may be better to port something like VICE, but I usually like making emulators... not porting.

Also, please note the change in my email address: Bigboy


PS2 Emulator framework released!! - April 29, 2002 by Bigboy

I've Started a new SourceForge project called PS2FRAME. This is an opensource project that aims to supply a very simple framework for emulator authors. The current version has various screen modes, input and the start of a simple sound system (thanks to Sjeep). It gives a byte-per-pixel screen of up to 512x512, and allows very simple access to the PS2. You could even code some simple games with it if you like! Anyway, the first sourcedrop is ready, and can be found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/ps2frame/


Bootable Manic Minor on PS2!! - April 23, 2002 by Bigboy

I've uploaded a bin and cue file that should boot on a mod'ed PS21. I have no idea if it boots via swaps or anything else... boots on mine. Its manic minor only, but is fully playable, timing bar is still on, showing emulator CPU usage... not much! Anyway, hope you enjoy it! I hope to add sound soon - thanks to sjeep! - perhaps I should do YAC64, and get cool SID sound !!! :-)


PS2 DreamSpec !! - April 16, 2002 by Bigboy

Been a while hasn't it... sorry about that. Well, I've gone and done it... I've ported DreamSpec over to the PS2. Its very quick, and leaves heaps of space to do "cool" things. You'll find a demo version in the Downloads area. I hope the 3 people that can download and play it will like it!!! ;-) I won't be posting screenshots, as it looks just like the Dreamcast version.

I will be uploading YAC64 (DC64) at somepoint soon too. The latest version has Uridium playing smoothly, which is cool. I'll probably pick this up again on the PS2, and extend it, since there were a few things I couldn't easily do on the Dreamcast which can be done on the PS2.


DreamSpec Update!! - July 20, 2001 by Bigboy

I've managed to get a big speed up by using Store Queues... Big surprise too! I didn't think memory was getting in the way that much! So, I can now run 128K emulation at full speed! Now all I need to do is load up some 128K games, and try it out! This means 48K emulation slows down - a lot! But its still quite a bit faster than 0.0005 (gotta change version numbers to something real...) Emulation now takes around 3/4 of a frame... which gives lots of time to do "stuff" :-) Screen drawing is still full "C" but is now a highly optimised "C".

Other news, is that the DreamSpec expansion pack will be moving in here real soon! I hope with full burnable/autoboot disks ready to go, so keep an eye out!

Once I get snapshot of a 128K machine, I'll release another version, since this lets you play with spectrum basic in a simpler manner.


Screen Shots!! - July 5, 2001 by Bigboy

I've uploaded some screenshots, since this is always the first thing I look for on any other emulation page! Nothing exciting. really, but shows it in action. If you have any cool shots, send them on!


New Version!! - June 30, 2001 by Bigboy

Been a while since last update, but here it is! The latest version is up and ready for download, V0.0005 now supports loading and saving to VMS which is a great help when playing games like The Hobbit or Pyjamarama! The RGB and VGA problems have been fixed, and if someone wants to test the NTSC version I'd be greatful. I'll be updating the site in a little while, so any suggestions are welcome - please go to the Forum and lay down the law! Covers by MelissaX and orgasmotron are included.
BTW. for those that wondered about V0.0004 - this was a minor fix just after V0.0003 came out, so chances are your already playing that one!


Screenshots - March 6, 2001 by TFCC

Ok time for a second news post! This time i'm asking anyone out there that has a digital camera or TV to PC card to take some screenshots of  DreamSPEC working. They can be in game shots or menu shots it doesn't really matter all I ask is you make them top quality JPEG or GIF and send them to me in an email :) Thanks alot! 


Some Misc News - March 6, 2001 by TFC

Well seems I haven't updated the site in like........2 months hehe! I'm mainly updating because BigBoy the coder of DreamSPEC is having a baby!! Well actually its his second, and I would like to say  good luck to him and his wife! They haven't had the baby yet but its overdue so he could be in the hospital right at this moment :P In other news ive fixed the message board link! It would be nice if everybody out there could wish BigBoy the best of luck and post something on the message board. By the way BigBoy hasn't been able to code as much lately for obvious reasons but I assure you he is still working on the emulator...SOUND is the clue :P 


DreamSPEC v0.1 uploaded - January 29, 2001 by TFC

Just uploaded v0.1 of DreamSPEC for all those people that want to see the old versions :) Note though it has no games with it. Now thats done the site is pretty much finished all I have got to do now is upload the new versions when there released and upload a history of the spectrum page :) Please goto the message board and post your opinions on the DreamSPEC and the site.


Burning Tutorials have been uploaded - January 22, 2001 by TFC

Just uploaded some burning tutorials for burning dreamspecNERO and dreamspecDJ images because a few people have been having some problems. Hope this helps :) Also ive just uploaded NERO and DJ images of DreamSPEC v0.2 (old version).


Nero image has been uploaded - January 17, 2001 by TFC

Had a bit of time today to upload the NERO image of DreamSPEC v0.3 (Current version)!! All I need to do now is upload the old versions of the emulator if I can get hold of them off BigBoy. Also goto the message board I have posted a topic asking what you think of the site please reply with your thoughts :) 


Site is ready apart from a few things :) - January 14, 2001 by TFC

Sorry I haven't had time lately to upload the files but I had a bit of time today so I uploaded a Disk Juggler image of the newest version of DreamSPEC. Also the forum is ready so if u have any suggestions or questions go there :) I will try and get the old version of DreamSPEC and the NERO image of the newest version of DreamSPEC uploaded as soon as possible.  

Site is nearly ready! - January 11, 2001 by TFC

Hi its me TFC some of you may know me from
www.dcemulation.com Bigboy is busy coding DreamSPEC so I offered to make a site for him, and here it is nice and simple hope u like it :)  Ive just put the site up and all I need to now is upload is upload the download files and get the forum sorted out this should all be done soon though.